Ward 124

In the first instance, let me thank the leadership of my Party, the DA, for deciding that I should represent the Party in the Ward as a Proportional Representation (PR) Councillor. The Local Government: Municipal Structures Act 117 of 1998 makes a distinction between a Ward Councillor and a PR Councillor. Whilst a Ward Councillor is elected to directly represent all residents in the Ward, PR Councillors are elected to proportionally represent the political parties in the Ward in accordance with their electoral performance.

My qualifications:
ND: Police Administration  |  BA (Police Science)
Hons BA (Police Science)  |  Bachelor of Laws (LLB) (Current)

I look forward to working with you, the residents, to ensure that the City of Johannesburg becomes a truly democratic and accountable government for all communities in the Ward.

Much more importantly, I undertake to work with you to ensure that the City delivers good quality municipal services to the entirety of the Ward in a sustainable manner in keeping with the dictates of section 152 (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996.

Let us reject the politics of hatred and division.

Let us focus on the construction of a SA that truly belongs to all of us, black and white, united in our diversity. I know we shall overcome if we are single-minded in our resolve to put the interests of our communities above all else.

Re a leboga!! 
Many thanks!!

The areas are:  Kenilworth , Turffontein (between Hay and Leonard Street), Bertha, Northside, Donnelley, Turf Club, Anderson, Eastwood, Forest Hill (between Stamford, Carter, Forest and Golf Streets), Towerby (bordering Kenilworth towards Rifle Range), Reuven, Southdale, Booysens, West Turffontein, Stafford, Trojan, Springfield, Glenesk, Ophirton, Lakeview, Crown City, Selby, Park Centra, Village Deep, New Centre, Village Main, City & Suburban, Salisbury Claims, Marshalltown, Ferreiras Dorp, Wemmer, Westgate, Joburg CBD, Newtown

Ward 124 Joburg South