DA challenges Saps inaction …

DA challenges Saps inaction on election violence and violence against women

Yesterday I successfully laid charges of election violence against the ANC, after initially being told by the police that I couldn’t report a case of assault against a female DA activist whose face was stomped on by ANC thugs. 

On Sunday I was campaigning with local DA activists in Waterworks informal settlement in Protea South, when we were attacked by ANC members after we tried to stop them from destroying DA election posters. One of our activists had her face stomped on and had to be taken to hospital.

When we tried to report this to the Lenasia Saps station they refused to open a case, claiming that the suspected assailant had to be present. They even refused to help us call an ambulance, despite the fact that our activist was bleeding badly. Yesterday I returned with other DA councillors to meet with the head of the station and two separate cases of destruction of property and assault were finally opened.

While no-one is surprised by the ANC’s terrible actions, it is awful to see how the police respond to a woman who is trying to report a case of violence against her. In our society where gender-based violence (GBV) is such a problem, so many women say that they don’t report it to the police because they are not taken seriously. If we are going to stop GBV then we need to start by taking women seriously when they report violence, and Saps must lead the way on this.

We will be taking this matter up with the Gauteng Police Commissioner, and by the time 16 Days of Activism Against GBV comes around I want to see a definite change in how Saps in Gauteng receives and treats women who want to report GBV.

I am standing as the candidate councillor for Protea South and Waterworks where I want to bring the DA’s record of getting things done to local residents so that they can get the quality services and standard of living that they deserve.

by Maureen Mnisi – DA Joburg Councillor for Protea South

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