Water Restrictions

Rand Water will be implementing stage 2 water supply restrictions in some of the areas in the City of Johannesburg mainly due to high demand. The normal expected equitable water supply by Rand Water is 4370Ml/d however the average consumption is 4900Ml/d.

At 4370 Ml/d, everyone has supply and in the past few months, Rand water has been operating at this demand level. The current demand at 4900Ml/d is 530Ml/d more than what is required; this is unsustainable and will result in water supply interruptions. Rand Water is now implementing restrictions to various areas in their network to bring down the demand and this is aimed at ensuring equitable supply and system stability.

City of Johannesburg residents are urged to reduce their water consumption patterns as water usage has increased at an alarming rate and this is of serious concern given the recent heat wave we have been experiencing. Johannesburg Water has begun throttling reservoirs between at the rate of 20% to 40% in line with restrictions imposed by Rand Water. Another heat wave is predicted this coming weekend and we need all hands on deck to ensure that we reduce consumption in order to protect the infrastructure. The restrictions have impacted lot of Johannesburg Water reservoirs capacity across the City of Johannesburg as demand increases daily.

We appeal to all to use water sparingly and to remind them that level one water restrictions are still in place. Watering of gardens is not allowed between 6 am and 6 pm in summer months (1 Sept to 31 March) and furthermore, it is not allowed to wash paved areas and driveway using hose pipes.

Water Restrictions

South Africa is a water scarce country and at all times residents are reminded to conserve water by practicing the following water saving tips:

Do not leave taps dripping.
 Wash your car on the grass. This will water your lawn at the same time.
 Use a watering-can instead of a hose pipe.
 Shorten your showering time.
 Use a glass of water to rinse when brushing your teeth.
 Take shallow baths. Avoid filling your bath to a depth greater than 100mm.

Residents are also urged to continue to report all burst pipes, leaking water meters, open hydrants to:

 Call Centre - 011 375 5555
 SMS 076 333 5052
@Jhbwater- Twitter
Johannesburg Water- Facebook

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