Keep The Lights On!

My fellow South African, 
We deserve a South Africa free of load shedding. This has gone on too long.
The return of rolling blackouts during this cold weekend is plainly unacceptable, and we do not have to accept it. Together we can end load shedding.
I say this because DA-run governments are hard at work to end load shedding and keep the lights on! This shows that it can be done.

A vote for the DA is a vote to end load shedding, and here are some examples why:

  • DA-run Cape Town often keeps load shedding one stage lower than the rest of the country because this DA government owns and runs their own hydro-electric power station at Steenbras dam.
  • The DA-run Western Cape is putting their money where their mouth is having just launched a R13-million fund for green, renewable energy in the province!
  • And other DA municipalities, such as Stellenbosch and Saldanha Bay, are also moving away from Eskom and have begun the process to procure electricity from Independent Power Producers.

Please visit to learn more about what the DA is doing in government and in Parliament to end load shedding.
On 1 November, vote DA to keep the lights on.
Warm regards,

John Steenhuisen
DA Leader

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