Latest government regulations ensure

The latest government regulations ensure a perpetual state of disaster

The regulations gazetted last week by the Department of Health add additional unnecessary obstacles to the tourism, travel and hospitality sectors and their growth in South Africa.  It is clear that government has a concerted plan to retain the dominating control it currently enjoys under the state of disaster, beyond the state disaster.

This is clear when analysing these regulations;  Restrictions that have over time shown to be ineffective in countering Covod-19, are included in these regulations.  An example is a requirement by any traveller leaving South Africa to have in their possession a valid vaccination certificate or negative PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test not more than 72 hours before departure, regardless of the requirements of their destination country.  The same imposition exists for travellers entering the country.

This is an attempt to keep the state of disaster forever and in perpetuity by stealth.

These illogical and unnecessary regulations have a direct impact on tourism as more and more potential tourists find these regulations too expensive and onerous.  As a result, they choose other destinations that are making it easier and simpler to enter their countries.

This means that the resuscitation of the South African tourism and travel sector cannot take place as existing tourism businesses cannot work at surviving again and those that had closed due to the job-killing lockdown cannot attempt to re-open.  This government’s lack of urgency is contributing to the unemployment rate. 

The latest regulations again prove that the greatest culprit in destroying jobs and the economy remains the ANC.  The ANC government’s ‘double speak’ shows that whilst they talk about economic growth and job creation, their actions tell us the very opposite.

M. de Freitas
Manny de Freitas MP
Member of Parliament of the Republic of South Africa
Shadow Minister of Tourism
Chair: Johannesburg Region
Member of Parliament for Johannesburg South
Democratic Alliance

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