Lifting of curfew will rescue

Lifting of curfew will rescue suffering tourism sector

The announcement by government that it will lift the curfew on the eve of new year’s eve means that the decimated tourism, hospitality, restaurant and entertainment sectors have an opportunity to rebuild itself. Taking into account the various supply chains involved, this translates into hundreds of thousands of jobs that will be saved. This in turn can have only positive spin-offs for our economy.

This announcement couldn’t have come sooner. New year’s eve is one of the most important periods for any of the tourism, restaurant, hospitality and entertainment sectors. In many cases these businesses rely on these high income generating periods to counter other quieter periods in the year.

In reality it was government that did more damage to the economy and the destruction of jobs than any virus could possibly do. We need to open up our economy as much as possible so that employment and our economy can start to grow.

by Manny de Freitas MP – DA Shadow Minister of Tourism

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