SAT Board’s stance on corruption

SAT Board’s stance on corruption allegations is concerning

The latest statement by the Board of South Africa Tourism (SAT) that they stand behind SAT acting CEO, Nomasonto Ndlovu, despite the allegations of corruption against her, is most concerning.

Our information is that an investigation is underway on this matter, indicating that there may well have been something allegedly untoward linked to Ndlovu. In the face of all this, it boggles the mind that the SAT Board can justify not suspending Ndlovu pending the outcome of the investigation.

SAT Board Chairman, Tim Harris claimed that Ndlovu “followed due process” when it came to the allegations against her and therefore, they will stand behind her. Exactly what does this mean? What due process was followed?

How can the SAT Board justify this stance? The SAT Board has provided no answers to the numerous questions pertaining to this matter. In addition, this has implications to the daily functioning and objectives of the SAT, as well as its reputation.

The bottom line is that the constant soap opera-style dramas within this SOE have a direct impact on the tourism and travel sector.

The Tottenham Hotspur matter did much reputational damage to the SAT and the latest Ndlovu allegations will perpetuate this, particularly when the SAT Board is not forthcoming to the many questions pertaining to this matter.

I will therefore write to Tim Harris requesting him to provide an explanation for the stance that the SAT Board has taken.

Manny de Freitas MP
DA Shadow Minister of Tourism
082 788 6824

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